Cruel Gaze

by Phillip Knox
(Spanish Fort, Al.)

You see me by the cruel gaze
your finger stroke tantalize
my thoughts like flames, the pain
constricts the depths of me.
I am blind to the signs of chaos
myopic in scope I visualize
death notes by rote inscribed
in sad strains of pathos.
I cry for respite, the lies
dark eyes hidden in the shadows
as the assassin's lips rang loud
the clash of destinies sanguine-
I walk the still drops of tears,
and scowling fears
confined within a labyrinth
each breath shallower as before.
I watch the breath of eternity
across the jeweled sky
silver moons, red sunsets
sweet beauty defies.
Escape I must, this secret touch
subliminal streams of dreams
I see in broken ties, many crimes
on angelic wings let me fly.
My soul forlorn in five shades,
but yesterdays have passed
I feel, I long for its essence
inverse of a cruel gaze.

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