Cruel illness

by Jim wiseman
(Dundee Scotland )


Lonely, sad and living with fear,
Made many strong people shed a tear,
Life is hard and hard to cope,
Don’t go down this slippery slope,
Easy to say when you have not been there,
Sometimes life is just not fair,
Struggle through just every day,
Clasping hands and hope and pray,
Worried about things that might not even be there,
Someone someplace they must care,
Just reach out and maybe tell a friend,
Hopefully they may be a real godsend,
Bottled up inside whatever it be,
Maybe to share would set you free,
I’m not sure is it worth a try,
How about we both share a cry,
I don’t want to make this worse,
I’m sorry you have this bloody curse,
Maybe some day they’ll find a cure,
And bring you back to feel secure,
Please try your best to stay safe and sound,
Try to keep your feet firmly on the ground,
Strange things can happen in this human race,
I hope you find your happy place,

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