Cupid and Psyche

by Anna Lovering
(Lubbock, TX)

Love takes a shot of
Life late as a lassoed
String tied to tight roped

Desire from a water hydrant
placed so square below
A lamp post light.

windowpane d silhouettes flicker
Against a wall of Blank spoken 'HELP', from
Nights silent change whirring

About shutter blades counting
Crossed, overlapped time. A
Breeze lays flat over me.

Towards sewn tires perched
Low as a Crow who stared out
Into flight. Voices spill, murmur

Out on concrete to divulge
freely of doors that clasped Paper
bag rats as littered

Trash with footstep echoes
near, then far wrapped
in whispered, willowy

Bundles as trains rail
On wheels that bind
Road to sky.

Withheld endless thoughts
race in a
Pendulum design.

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