by Majezty Carlos Navarro
(Redondo Beach, CA)

If Cupid truly knew Love, then why isn’t he with his true woman?
He shoots arrows of Love with cruel intentions,
Love then becomes only wishful thinking, broken hearts by the millions;
Love is but blinded by the broken promises of Cupid.
He uses our Hearts for his sick games,
playing with emotions and beliefs.
Only one’s Heart can truly know if someone is their one,
it is because of this understanding that I do not believe Cupid is of Love.
Perhaps at one point in time he was,
but after so many years of making others happy,
how could he continue when he has yet to find his happiness?
Put not much faith into Cupid, but more into your Heart,
the one thing that knows you best…

*From the upcoming book, "Confliction", by Majezty Carlos Navarro. Coming 2014*

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by: GAC

yOUR majesty, you should be ashamed knocking Cupid
this way. We are not sending you a Valentine!!

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