Cut The Tether... Dear?

by Writer In Hiding To Cry

You were a friend at first, so fun to be around

Then you stole my breath, followed by my heart, with love starting to sound

I started to fall for you

You said you loved me, and I said how I felt about you... "I love you too"

We were happy together, talking, exploring the minds of each other

You reminded me of your love, and showed me I was always on your mind

But now I can't find you, but I love you

Don't you love me too..?

Why did you leave? Why won't you at least tell me it's over?

I stand in a clearing of clovers and the sweet smell of flowers

I sit alone, my phone gone still.

I may have been far away, but I loved you still.

Why did you go? At least return my heart, it hurts.

I will always be by your side, and always love you, but it hurts...


If you love me, why do you do this? Why do you make me cry?!

I'm angry... But I could forgive you... Maybe if you come back and with your heart in hand to give to me again, and gently say "I love you"..?

I don't know. It's been almost a year.

You are taking too long, that I fear...

It's tearing me down, brick by brick

I used to be a mighty huge protecting wall, but now I am but a run down pile of red rocks... It makes me sick.

You broke my heart!

"Our" love was just at the start!

Guess it wasn't 'Ours' was it? Was it ever?

It was only mine, and I wish I could become a bird and fly away forever, growing my wings to escape from this life with... feather by feather.



A tear falls down my face...

Lets hope I make it and cut to the chase.

Before I grow scars upon my arm instead of feathers, feather by feather...

Cut the tether...

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May 05, 2017
Cut The Tethet...Dear?
by: Anonymous

Reminds of an exercise that I tried over 20yrs ago. Cutting the cord from one's minds eye. Funnily enough it would not work no matter how many times I tried. I kept his photo too with his face facing into a photo of my face. I will never stop loving him.X

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