Cute Kitten

Sometimes we all just need to relax. The Cute Lil Poems Collection from the writers at My Wizard offers delightful little musings that are sure to bring a smile to your face and keep your blood pressure at an even keel. And the kids will love them too!

Whether it's cute little bunnies, kittens or pups, or the rat-tat-tat of a rainy day, you will find something in these lovable verses to brighten any afternoon.

We hope you enjoy these writings especially crafted to be as sweet as sugar.

Cuddly Kitten

My Cuddly Kitten
Meows and whiskers
and pouncing on feet.
My kitten is crazy
but she’s also sweet.
She curls up in my lap
and keeps me warm.
I know that we can
Weather any storm.

Playful Puppy

My Playful Puppy
Big sloppy kisses
And a wagging tail
A playful bark
And ears like a sail.
My dog is quite friendly
He’ll bowl you right over.
Please shake his paw
His name is Rover.

Wild Rabbit

Wild Rabbit
Twitching, wiggling nose
And tail of white fluff
I’m trying to catch you
But I’m not fast enough.
Your big long ears
and big powerful feet
would make you the star
of any track meet.


Rain softly falling from the sky
onto the ground below.
The temperature begins to drop
And it turns to snow.
The sun comes out and warms the day
causing the snow to melt.
The earth drinks in the moisture
And the grass now feels like felt.

Spring is Blooming

Spring has Sprung
Bumblebees and butterflies
Pretty flowers and bird flocks.
Squirrels and birds chatter
Turtles hide in a box.
Spring is blooming everywhere
The earth is feeling alive.
Growing things start to grow
And now they’re going to thrive.

Poetry by Sharon Hendricks

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