Dad Caputo

by Stephanie Hilou

I know you're not going to stay with me any longer
All I want to say is "I Love You"
I forgive you for what you did to me in the past
but I know we all have to forgive for God's sake
Now your life is in God's hands,
when he is ready for you he will be waiting.
You're always going to be with me
even when you're not here
You will always be my heart
no matter what.
So now I can't cry for the living
but I know I won't be the same when
you're not here with me any longer
I just have to accept that in my life,
and I know that's part of life and
I know I just have to be prepared for it
when that day comes.
All I want to say is that
I forgive you and
I love you with all my heart
I know you're always going to be there
with me when I get married and
have your grandchildren.
I hope you got what you wanted in life
so now I know you're going to R.I.P. happy,
which makes me happy knowing that
all your troubles and pain will be gone and
I know you're going to be in very good hands.

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