DADDY What did i do?

by Harley Michelle

A little girl.
so young and old.
Five is too young to be left in the cold.
I was your baby,
your baby girl.
Why did you leave.
What did i do?
You left me in the dark to find my own my way.
But daddy, why did you have to go away?

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Jun 13, 2012
by: lucy

omg that's so sad i see how it feels because my dad doesn't really like me but it's nice

Jun 10, 2012
that's so sad
by: Rachel

Wow that's a nice little poem.Nice but very sad would love to see more poems from you.

Jun 09, 2012
Know how you feel...
by: Anonymous

Hey I know how you feel my parents were never there gave me away to my grandparents when I was 6 weeks old never knew them i looked for them every chance i got and i waited for them to call at least once just so i could tell them how much of a dead beat they were.

Dec 14, 2011
by: Harley

Yeah It's hard but I think thats Because of what happens. Im stronger although it hurts like a b*tch

Dec 10, 2011
We relate....
by: Anonymous

Hey, me and my best friend know how you feel.

When she was 5, she lost her dad. And my dad hates me....

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