Daddy's Baby Girl

by Majezty C. Navarro
(Redondo Beach, CA)

From the time you were born;
the joy you bought to my heart
When I held you in my arms,
that moment I vowed to protect you
from harm; Danger and misery
Forever you’ll be a part of me,
no dictionary can explain how I feel
Holding you against my chest,
I couldn’t believe you were real
My Firstborn remember me

I chose to live this life,
give you everything you need
and have my baby living in Paradise
The look in your eyes,
you don’t know how much it hurts me
to see my baby girl cry
You remind me so much of your mother,
beauty and brains
You have the courage of a Lion
like your Heavenly Father and I
You can count on me
to push you through the harsh weathers
No matter the outcome or consequence.
My baby girl’s skin is so soft like a feather
The smile and joy you bring to me
when I hold you upon my shoulder

I thank God for blessing me with a Precious
daughter and vow to do all I can as her father
Raise her to not follow my steps,
hopefully my Past choices won’t affect her in life
Please be smart and wise
When I think about it, I hold back tears inside
when I look into my baby’s eyes
or into her mother’s eyes
She has my smile and strength,
she’s going to need it when it’s time to fly
Born with her mother’s courage,
there’s nothing she fears
I live a Fast life,
but let me make it to her adult years

Put her in God’s hand, where she belongs
For when I’m gone,
my Heavenly Father will keep her moving on
If I go before my time,
let her learn about me;
I didn’t do much,
but her father made history
Tell her stories about me and
her mother’s chemistry,
From Maxwell to Majezty to Daddy
Like the Lion from within me
similar to Mufasa in Lion King
I watch the world bow as I hold my baby girl proudly…

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