Daisy the Dangerous Duck

by Gary Scholes
(South Wales, UK)

Daisy the duck is a dangerous duck,
If you spot her then please stay away,
She juggles with knives, endangering lives,
While blowing up things everyday.

Her idea of fun, is loading a gun,
And shooting the bullets up high,
She lies on the ground, not making a sound,
While the bullets fall down from the sky.

On bonfire night, she’ll give you a fright,
By tying her feet to eight rockets,
While sitting at home, bored and alone,
She sticks metal forks in plug sockets.

Just for a dare she pulled a bear’s hair,
And tickled a poisonous snake,
Put leaf-cutter ants, inside of her pants,
Then swam through a crocodile lake.

She dives in deep seas and climbs up high trees,
In search of all dangerous things,
A tooth from a shark, a bat from the dark,
Or the deadliest scorpion stings.

Her most dangerous act, this is a fact!
Forget the non-fiction, it’s real!
She got in the bath and just for a laugh,
Added an electric eel.

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Mar 31, 2014
your crazy
by: whoa ho ho!!

this is so funny very cool and good rhyming!!!!
:o :0 :) :D

Apr 04, 2013
by: DAMO!

out there, very imaginative, and serious fun!

Nov 18, 2012
Love it
by: Thyreea

I loved it, it's so fun to read

Aug 29, 2011
Gary The Great Imaginator
by: Ariette

Gary, I love your imaginary absurdities!
YOur poetry reminds of a famous children's poetry writer, Shel Silverstein. He is a gift to millions of children.
Would love to read more of your work to brighten my day!
PS You'll never guess MY age!

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