Dance with the Reaper

by Diana Carolina
(Ponce, Puerto Rico )

How cruelly ecstatic to live forever
to only go by the lust
that drips from the tip of your tongue,
the teeth that sink into my skin
and the scarlet eyes that pierce the veil
of your elegant face,
that which can only be lit by candlelight
but not foreseen by the oval mirrors
that haunt this house.
Must I be scared, to hear only the tap
of your shoes
as you move me back and forth through the floor
while you dance with me, dragging my feet
off the marbled corridors and sweep me up
high up in the air, the gravity of the blood
the one and only
dripping from my lips and into your dry throat
and back up into the gasps that go swimmingly
from one mouth into the other.
Pale and gorgeous as the moonlight,yes,
you are the epitome of beauty and death,
the reaper that sucks me of strenght and
rewards it with red velvet jewelry
as it is your eyes
as it is my blood
as it shall be, our together eternity.

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