by Caneel

Can you feel it, feel the magic
Taste it in the air
No more feelings, no more tragic
People everywhere

My dress clings to my sides
I'm walking on a runway
I'm a superstar, no need to hide
I'm glad that it's a Friday

I've got a spring in my step as I walk in
Forking over five dollars
I glance at the boys (it's not a sin)
Listen to the hollers

The room is dark, but very loud
People streaming in
The music's pumping up the crowd
It's a complete win-win

I let the music carry me off
It's a shield from all the stares
I see the people who stop to scoff
I pretend that they aren't there

I'm a shining star that has her chance
The boys are in a hypnotic trance
I can ignore the love and the romance
I can let it all go and just


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