“Dark Cloud”

by Sienna

Every time I think of a dark cloud, one day in particular comes to mind, and that is the day of my beloved love's funeral. As I begin to recount the events that went on that particular day, I feel the tugging sensation of depression . The rain slowly fell from the sky as I watched the family he loved so dearly trudge through the wet grass of the cemetery. I looked for some kind of shining hope to know that everything would go back to the way it was, but there was nothing. No glimmers of hope. Stinging tears were at the corners of my eyes. Everyone who was there honored my boyfriend by dressing in black. I searched the faces for some glimmer of hope, but I only saw dried tears and smeared makeup. My heart was breaking as they lowered him into his grave where he would sleep for eternity. I couldn’t stop the circle of life. Now I sit in a numbed state doomed to be alone for all eternity, waiting for the time when we are reunited again.

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