Dark Days

by J Kyle
(Middletown, Ohio, United States)

The princess looks and sees the drips,
Dripping from her lower lip
It flows onto her precious dress,
Her majesty is now a mess
The fractured blade lay by her head,
As she stumbles from her bed
The mirror shown beauty no more,
But blood and filth upon the floor

To the staircase, through the tower,
Seeing white on this dark hour
The last sound that was heard that day,
Was as the Prince did run away
Despair had raged his calloused soul,
The love that burned had now grown cold
Like ivy gripping to its stone,
He takes his final glance at home

A note well placed in strangers hands,
A motion set that changed the lands
Assassins aimed and took at will,
A beating heart does now grow still
He’d never know what brought this day,
An idol worshiped will decay
He gave his people more than seed,
She gave him tombstones for her greed

He took a gasp, and he did sigh,
As he said his last goodbye
The servants who stood at his feet,
Watched his blood run down the street
The rumor spread and rain began,
Diluted red mixing with sand
The calm repose of a shocked crowd,
Now begins to weep aloud

No song was heard, no story told,
Of what the prince did once behold
The people came and gathered 'round,
They saw the princess grab her crown
And to her feet she stood again,
The King had followed his son's sin
She's now the Queen of all her land,
The two were dead, just as she planned

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Oct 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

Wonderful. A dark nursery rhyme theme. Love the contrast. Look forward to reading more.

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