Depression Poems

Sometimes life challenges us in ways that tax our soul. Our Dark Depressing Poetry collection provides a healthy outlet to express your blue mood in a poetic way.

When everything seems to be falling apart and you can’t see your way forward, our words of sadness will let you know that you are not alone in feeling the way you do. It takes time, but things will get better.

Writing in itself is a form of therapy. It helps us to discover our innermost feelings and articulate what we are going through. Sometimes it allows us to focus in on the source of our angst so that we may begin to figure out ways to cope with it. Why not try writing as an outlet to help you learn a little more about yourself.

If your mood reaches a point where you feel you may benefit from professional help, do not hesitate for a moment to seek it.  It may be your path to a happier life.

Wanting More

Thinking of what others have
Makes me both mad and sad.
It seems like the harder I work
The less I achieve.
Everyone is jubilant,
Yet I still grieve.   
I don’t want a lot
Just a bit more than what I’ve got.

Being Watched

I’m looking around the park
And all I can see -
Many happy couples
Staring at me.
They watch me walking by myself
As I pretend on my cell phone
That I’m waiting for him,
And I’m not really alone.

Tossing and Turning

Tossing and turning
Unable to sleep.
While others happily live their lives
All I seem to do is weep.
Nobody understands;
Nobody can see
The person I am
Is not really me.
Would they like me?
Would they care?
If they knew
The weird thoughts inside my head
Imagining the world if I was dead.

What Needs to Be Done

There is so much
That needs to be done.
More than just a little,
But less than a lot.
Just a few things
That I need to stop.
I need to stop
Comparing myself to others.
I have to stop
Wishing I was someone else.
I must stop
Putting others ahead of me.
I wish I could stop
Beating myself down.


Sometimes people
Come into our lives
And leave unmovable imprints.
They introduce us to new things
And inspire us to dream greater.
You’re my best friend, and now
You’re leaving.
Although I want to wish you well,
Sadness feels my heart;
I never thought we’d ever be apart.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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