Deep in the dark of an October night,
We wait to see the nocturnal light,
A slight glow from the forest comes,
Creeping along the ground it runs,
With eyes as red as the sun at dawn,
It makes its way toward the living who are having fun,
The trick or treat crowd is walking along,
Not knowing the creature is on the run,
With snarling teeth and pointed ears,
It steadily follows the little dears,
When they reach the house and play a prank,
It leaps at them and in fear they tank,
Running for their lives in the dark of night,
It follows them as they seek the light,
One trickster cries out in fear,
As the snarling creature comes near,
Suddenly they realize its the neighbors dog,
Dressed up to resemble a wolf in the fog,
Now the prank is on the tricksters,
It not so funny to be chased by hungry eaters,
Maybe next year they will forget the pranks,
And just collect candy where last year their hearts sank

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