Darkness Darkness

by Christine Anne Borra
(New Zeland)

Darkness clutched me to her breast
Burying me in her womb
And day was night
And night was day
Within her deadly tomb

Drifted I, along that street
Above the ground so free
When a violent shake
Made the heavens break
Much terror did I see

Her wrath I heard
Her curdled words
Her vengeance clear and loud
Then silence fell, like thunder bolts
To smash amongst the crowd

Suspended time, eternity
My shallow breathe of fear
Though scream I did
And cry to You
No one was there to hear

Darkness, Darkness

Was there no hope?
No sound, or shaft of light
Just fated shadows, no open door
To save me from this plight

Hopeless, I lay,entombed within
I struggled for a breathe
Was this the end?
I screamed in fear
And smelt her smell of death

Wait, Darkness she fades
Or so it seemed, hope springs forth
My tears do stream
From her cold terror I woke
To a blinding light

From this Darkness dream
On this Darkness night

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