Dead Women Walking

by Carolyn Pluff

The Day I walked out on you Three. Was the day I Regret "Forever"
My memories of Love for the Three of You Brings only "Heartache" because I Left you. Each Passing Day and Year without you near, Brings me closer to Death to suffer my consequence of Motherly Love "Disaster." For failing the Three God had Given to me to Look After.
I am Ashamed to plea for the forgiveness of my Three. Because I deserve to live in Hell forever. For hurting the ones that looked up to me as a Mother I was supposed to be. "I'm sorry I hurt you, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you needed me the most, I'm sorry I was chosen to be the one G-d expected to care for you. I not only Let you down, I am destined to be "Dead Woman Walking," for all Eternity. The price I am willing to pay for hurting the three I Love more than anything in the world. I Have no life in me I am a "Dead Woman Walking." Without you Three I am nothing you see? I walk around with no feeling or heart, no smiles, no tears, no life to start. For my life is gone, since the three of you went away. I deserve what I get "Dead Woman Walking. I hope you think of me and try to remember the Love we had for one another, for there were kisses, hugs and not a day without an "I Love YOU. I'm Proud of my Three Young men. They are Handsome, Delightful, Successful and Fun.
I wished I were not in Hell, but I understand what I deserve and that is "Dead Woman Walking. Don't Ever Forget My Love for You 3 for I didn't deserve you, You See.

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