Dear Life

by Sakura

Dear Life,

You always seem to find a way to surprise me.

Why are you so confusing?
I never seem to be traveling in the right direction
Or doing the right thing.
Why did you invent love?
Boys are confusing and attractive and
Extremely annoying.

Why does it always rain
When we're going on a field trip?
Why is it always 'go outside and play' weather
When all I want to do is stay inside?

Why did you create video games and TV?
All they do is addict and sidetrack and generally make a mess.
Why couldn't you just leave it at books?
America would be a lot less fat.

Why did you make war?
So many people die this way. Children work things out better than adults do nowadays.
Why are there bullies and nerds and popular and unpopular?
It would be so much better to get through you without them.

I am grateful, though.
You provide us all with the best, Life.
You give us blue skies and blue seas,
White clouds and white foam in the rapid rivers,
Beautiful sunsets and
beautiful love
(on occasion).

So thank you, dear Life
And know that even though
I treasure you deep in my heart

I am still mad at you for not getting me a boyfriend yet.

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