Dearest Father, Dearest God

by Sarah
(Georgia, USA)

A knife in her hand, pain in her heart.
Feels like the past is throwing her darts.
Can't escape this emptiness,
wasn't meant for such pain!

Tears down her cheek,
hoping these cuts will make her free.
Back and fourth the memories come,
now she pleading with God.

"God my heart is breaking,
my hope is fading,
as the pain gets stronger,
I get weak.

Falling in deeper,
starting to get weaker!
Dearest Father,
Dearest God.

Let me fall into your arms,
before I go down the drain.
Send me comfort
to heal this hurt.

Let me fly free!
Let me fly free
from this pain that grips me.
Dearest father, dearest God!"

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