Dearest Mother

by Sandy Ferris
(Elsinore, MO.)

I know life for you dearest mother,
has not always been the best.
You have had a lot of struggles
as most of us do I guess.
But you have always stayed strong,
yes you have stood life’s test.
You are our hero mother,
you’re a cut above the rest.

Dearest mother I wonder if you
know how much we love you so?
because we do not always take the time
to tell you, I know.
But know this dearest mother,
you are the treasure of our heart and soul.
We love you dearest mother,
you make our family whole.

You had a whole lot of children,
those gone are dearly missed.
When young we know you held us close,
but now you have an empty nest.
But still we know that you worry,
if you think that something’s wrong.
And until you know things are better,
you just cannot rest.

So know this dearest mother,
how loved you are by us.
Not much else really matters,
compared to family and loved ones.
To us you are very precious,
we are thankful for everyday
that we have to share you.
As we journey life’s pathway.

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