Death fell in love

by Tar McClure.
(Northern Ireland)

Death fell in love.
On a blistery night,
While the snow fell heavily,
And a bitter wind
Made newspapers fly
Across a deserted street.

Through his watchful gaze
Something caught his eye,
Flash of green, a glint of hope,
That, the first time he saw her,
His breathe caught in his throat.

She wore a skirt to her ankle,
Soaked through with snow.
a spring in her step.
Her cheeks red raw from cold,

He watched for a lifetime,
Keeping her safe
Letting her live to her full adult height.

She lived her life with hope and joy,
And felt his gaze from a distance,
and she knew she was safe,
But she never felt a lover's kiss
land lazily on her cheek.

Death watched for seven score years and ten,
Waited alone,
Till the time came
When she was his,
To love to care for,
To finally kiss her once again warm cheek.

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