by Caroleanne Tol
(South Africa)

I've painted your name in the sky, but the wind just blew it away - I've cried and called your name - no letter or voice replied - I too have died inside, from thee everlasting, longing of you on this side - tears are now in vain, as I wait to awake, from this bad dream I'm living on this side - This in hope that you've not said goodbye, but just bye - you shall be back again - tears are a streaming - yet nobody understands, the chaos in my brain, as I call your name over - why be it death that's robbed me of you, the only true soul-mate whose ever lived - side by side, and inside me, who understood me - no matter the distance our daily circumstances parted us for - I just need your daily voice a plenty - of "hello my Angel" to make me feel complete, so simple it was to love, with thorns and all at times - yet you were the glove that fitted my heart complete - I care no more for the thing called love - for now nothing makes sense at all - death be the worst - it makes no sense for it has taken my very all - It's that very thief that stole you from me - I beg, I plead - you hear me still not - come what may, I too will love you to my dying day - again I ask in plea, come back my babe - you died too soon - we were too great for you to stay away - All I have are memories in mind that each time I long for you so - I close my eyes for awhile - for under my eyelids I've painted pictures just of you - so each time I close my eyes - all I ever see and feel is you - You said we would be forever round - but that is no more - for you broke the circle of our eternity, of hearts entwined - What do I do, where do I go - I hate death so - for it strikes at its very own clock - a thief no man can reckon with - Life they say has chapters - yours and mine have died a sudden death - but that's not the Stones tune I want to hear - for denial be now my only best friend, as I hang on to the unknown ideas - beyond life itself - this in hope, to breath on, just to find you once again - this to heal my shattered heart - for it be only you - the hand that holds the dagger - centered through my bleeding heart - Big as the sky, forever round, wide as the ocean - my love for you remains - imprinted in my veins - awaiting you - just to hold me once again.


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Dec 02, 2017
Death Stole U from me just sad
by: Ortmann

How sad when the reality of life can tear loved ones apart when they so not ready to be parted!
Sad, so very sad not much can one describe, add or change when deeath robs us so of the loved ones we so wish to chain eternal to our heart, mind, body and soul - only time, just time can heal the broken heart of "Death Stole U from me"

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