Death's Door

by Anonymous
(Somewhere on Earth)

The sweet summer air and the greenest grass I've ever seen
The most serene place I've ever been
But there was a hellish feeling in the air
A feeling that made me think I shouldn't be there

The house at the end of the road was awaiting
This trip I was sure I would soon be hating
When the door creaked open and nothing was to be found
The girl in the window crumpled to the ground

Not knowing where to go, always watching, never waiting
I ran away thinking of what had been awaiting
We were at the door, that cold, cold, door
And now that girl was no, no more

The house was dank and dark, and that it was
After looking around I knew what was the cause
Of that poor poor girl crumpled on the floor
we were traveling to what was the old Death's Door

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