by Ashley M.

I hate decisions
I always try to avoid them.
I'd rather someone choose a really terrible decision for me
Than me making a mediocre one
Only because I expect more from myself
And less of other people

Whenever I have to choose my actions, I never know which one is right
Sometimes it can be right but a little too wrong
but it's never the other way around
So what am i supposed to do?

I could spend all day weighing the pros and cons
But society doesn't allow the time for that anymore.
It's constructed so you have to make decisions fast
So people are bound to choose the wrong one

But I guess if I had all the time in the world
To make one dumb decision
Others will pile on
Before I'm even finished
making the first one

So you are probably wondering what decision is making me so frustrated that I'm writing about it
To tell you the truth, I don't have one right at the moment
The only one I can think of is if I should go to bed yet.
It's 9:38, just so you know.

Actually, I lied.
I have one decision that I have yet to address
I can go apologize to him, or continue pushing him away
But the thing is, the decision isn't going to go away
Unless I choose an answer. It doesn't even have to be right.

So here's a decision for you:
You can read another Apologetic Poem
Or you can go apologize to the person you hurt.

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Apr 17, 2014
thank yu
by: Anonymous

I really enjoyesd this expecially cuz i feel this way i keep reading but i put aside my apolagy:(

Dec 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

love the last part! :)

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