Deep feelings about my life

by Lyric
(Lubbock, TX, United States)

I'M LYRIC, And this is my life story, I've been through the struggle I've felt pain, I've walked through the storm and felt rain, i've hurt I've cry those time when you just wanna die, I've felt it all, being treated bad yes I've felt that, those memories still haunt me but I push them all back, people tried to knock me over but I never fell back, The bitch word when my mom's drunk yea I was called that, fake people talking down on me yes I saw that, I still never fell back, flames had taken my home, my happy home burned down to the stone, many things lost many things gone, I never see the light to right I'm always in the dark of wrong, no one knows or understands me, but still judge me and push hard when I'm standing, I've lost so much, but the connection that I've had with God I've never lost touch : )

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