John Barrymore as Don Juan 

Like slumber, love has many stages. Our deep romantic love poems reflect the most profound level, where your every dream stands before you as reality. S(he) is everything you hoped for, everything you've ever desired.

Passion is a drug. Once you've imbibed it's intoxicating charms, you crave it all the more. Indeed, passion is a desire that is difficult to go without.  When it escapes, our bodies enters a period of withdrawal, until once again they are nourished by the nectar of love.

Perhaps no character symbolizes the intensity of romance than the fictional libertine, Don Juan. This pursuer of women knew no restraint in his conquests, and his legend serves as a metaphor of love.  Among the best known works exploring this amorous legend are Molière's play Dom Juan ou le Festin de pierre, Byron’s classic poem Don Juan, and Don Giovanni, an opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart .

We hope you are inspired by our special sentiments dedicated to the subject of amour.

Deep Love

Nothing interferes
Close your eyes for me and listen
Tell me what you hear
Do you hear silence or traffic outside?
Can you tell if I’m near?
I can always feel you close
Even if you’re not here
We’re entwined together
Nothing interferes
So let’s take a moment
And take a kiss
Because this to me
Is pure happiness.

This Journey

Having you in my life
Has made everyday special,
I smile when I have you close
And treasure each and every moment.
Baby, just take my hand
So we can walk together
This journey that we are on
May climb hills, valleys and mountains
But once we’re home
We’re safe and sound
And together we’ll be forever.


Like the sowing seeds
Of the sycamore tree
Amore within
And generating.
If love is a season
Ours must be spring
But I’ll still come calling
When autumn leaves
Begin falling


Tulips the colour of wine
Their velvet texture
Ornate and delicate
Two lips that are yours
Soft as petals
And gently berry-stained
The intricacies of love
Are tenderly entwined
In a kiss intimate
Tender touch between you and I

Thank You

I wasn’t sure I believed in love
Then I met you
I wasn’t sure I could make love last
Then I fell for you
I wasn’t sure who I was
What I wanted from life
But now I do
I thank you
From the bottom of my heart
For loving me through and through

Poetry by Sarah Spoors

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