Delicate Position

by Alex Chornyj
(,Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada)

Delicate Position

There is a reason
And a purpose
Why each person is here
At this place in time.
There is an entrance
That corresponds to a science
It is this exact
According to one’s destiny.
Some happen upon
Or they may think so
As until a dawning moment
They may have been,
Completely unaware
On a conscious level
But at a sub-conscious plane
A cognition was evident.
Just waiting to be released
When this occurs
Change comes quickly
Almost feeling blindsided.
As then an adaptation
Is rather abrupt
Not a smooth transition
A sink or swim philosophy.
Then it becomes
Abundantly clear
What was in the offing
Has neared at break neck speed.
All of a sudden
An intuition
Is in full bloom
By an early spring.
A winter that lasted forever
Just as fast disappears
A knowledge presents itself
With which you are fluent.
You’re able to express
In an articulate manner
An ardent comprehension
Of a delicate position.

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