by Trinket_Writer
(WA State)

Lightening blazes fibers
explosion in every cell
weakening my soul
negativity begins to swell

The cruelty it shows
merciless at best
fire runs the course
annihilation of what's left

I cry out inside
sounds ripple throughout
beg for it to stop
and yet I just shout

Insignificance it delivers
yet carry on I must
smile on my face
covering unjust

Expectations forced by others
dragging me along
searing inner lava
melting what was strong

A single moment of peace
drifting through the mind
frivolous yet needed
to stand the test of time

Wearing down my bones
sucking life from me
happiness is forced
so others cannot see

Prayers go up to heaven
dissipating as they travel
hear my cries, and pleas
for soon I will unravel

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