by Nicky Marinkovic
(Leeds, United Kingdom)

If you have ever suffered depression, where do you begin?
To explain how you’re feeling, when you’re trapped from within
Every day feels like a battle; a tall mountain you must climb
The days seem to blend together; you lose all sense of time

The person you were before; can seem lost to you right now
Your confidence and self esteem, taken from you somehow
Replaced by anxiety, sleepless nights and feelings of despair
You struggle with daily life and you may find it hard to share

How you’re feeling inside when you don’t even comprehend
What is happening to you, when will this madness ever end?
Detached from your life, quietly observing from the outside
Wishing you were invisible because you just want to hide

The hole just gets deeper, you find yourself falling right in
Will you ever feel like you again or will this awful illness win
Outside you can feel so fragile and quietly you wonder why
Then frustration takes over and endless tears you may cry

Your body shuts down and you’re becoming more distant
The negative thoughts take over, become more persistent
If you can relate in some way, to these words that I write
Please understand in your darkness, that there will be light

You’re still the person you always were, a little lost maybe
Trapped deep within you and really desperate to feel free
The person you used to be, just hides somewhere within
You can be yourself once more and this battle you can win

You will feel strong again, this mental mountain you’ll climb
You’ll get right back on top with a new born confidence inside
See things much more clearly, enjoyment will again be yours
This is a blip in your journey and you will get back on course

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Apr 12, 2016
by: Joyce Rolen

The pain hit me like a tidal wave. It was way over my head...then it stretched me as far as I could go, then it drew me back and over powered me. Further and further I went until I was too weak to fight back. The next step invited me to the gates of hell. I was in a depressive state of mind and had begun having suicidal thoughts. I felt like I was emotions were paralyzed. I felt like I was sinking in quick sand. The more I wiggled...the deeper I sank.
I was desiring love and willing to pay the price for it. I surrendered and put my heart in my hand and started reaching out to anyone to love and console me. Emptiness has chewed a hole in my heart which only the cells from love can mend. Putting trust in man has left me feeling betrayed and bewildered. When I had fallen to my lowest point in life...I reached out to God and found a spiritual awakening. Now I can see clearer and I am more focused. If only I had called on The Lord sooner...I would of had the strength to deal with the trials ad tribulations of life and avoided all those unnecessary changes. Depression is the master key that the devil uses when he wants to seek and destroy.

May 07, 2013
by: Joyce ThePoet Rolen Anonymous

This was beautifully written and right on target. Depression is the weapon that the devil uses when he wants to seek and destroy.

Apr 03, 2013

Diamonds are beautiful
Gemstones precious and valuable
But their beginning is common carbon
A dark, combustible potion..

Through years of intense heat
and high pressure they develop
Outside forces eliminate impurities
and their beauty amplifies.

When we are sick and hurting
experience pain and suffering
Whether physical or emotional
This may be essential??

God uses testing in our lives
to rid us of impurities
Though life is difficult and tough
You may be God's Diamond in the rough..

Feb 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

This Poem Is Very Touching. Its So Many People In This World Who Goes Through These Things.Loosing Their Self, Having Low Hopes. Reading This Poem Could Actually Change Their State Of Minds. Like My Bf, He's Giving Up On Himself And I Cant Let That Happen.This Poem, I Will Show Him, Because These Are The Most Encouraging Words I've Heard Or Seen..

Aug 12, 2011
by: Ken H

Without the loving support of a family member or spouse, the 'blip' of depression in your life would be difficult to weather. Inspirational prose.

Jul 10, 2011
by: Anonymous


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