by Wabil Janjua
(Karachi, Pakistan)

LOVE IS LIKE FALLING DOWN , in the end ur left scared , hurt and with its memory forever

LOVE IS LIKE FALLING DOWN , in the end ur left scared , hurt and with its memory forever

Lined up in rows
guests seemed to stream
I stood faking a smile, lonely,
fighting the urge to scream

Then in that small moment
magic took place
I stood there enchanted
when I looked at her face

she came to my
dreams that night
then said hi the next day
I wondered if this was right

She said she wanted to be friends
I stood there dumbfounded
stuttered a ‘yeah sure’ miraculously
how could I have known my love days were counted

I admit I cried
returning to my lonely place
imagining myself abandoned
lost in the haze

But never have I blamed her
never have I forgotten her
and I never will
I couldn't bear to see tears in her eyes as well

First love never dies
but true love can bury it alive
but what if they both happen with the same
how do you then handle the strife?

My senses take over
nothing matters when shes around
I'm invulnerable, a man of steel,
but when she leaves everything crashes down

Burnt down inside
where no one can see
my heart feels dead
as if I could never see

But then she cares too
she sees the pain no one can see
she sees the burn
always tries to hold my hand

I cry, wondering
trying to find something good in me
totally myself with her
and fail miserably

Was she a glimpse of the good life?
was she an angel sent to me?
the gash deepens every time I realize
she was hurt because of me

I'm left with a knife in my hand
and many ways to end my miserable life
even here I'm scared, I'm a coward so I cant
Because then I could never gaze
into her eyes,smiling shining like thousand suns

but then it finally happened
my world seemed to crash
the news of her departure
the world was so rash

Pain seemed sweet now
at least then pain I could feel
now she could never be mine
my world would always be unreal

She says she couldn't talk to me
it was alright
but then she begged me to forget her
there were no more days, just endless night

Take away a heart's love
it leaves behind me
take away a life so young
it leaves behind pain unseen

I'll live a different life now
but hope she remains happy
because her smile is my true glee
like each and every happy memory..........

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Aug 20, 2012
2 u...
by: S.K

u dnt knw wat lies ahead....u dnt knw wat she goes thru...nt beacus u dnt because she words...xcept:keep writing......glad dat u r ventin out urself smhw....

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