by Jason Dillard
(Wheeler AAF, Hawaii )

To be or not to be that was his question one that when answered would lead him in a different direction, blinded by all the lies he searches for what could be his demise. Upon seeing it he realized that all these beautiful women are keeping him mesmerized with their cute faces and tight waists he breaks down and prays for grace to keep his strength and find a woman with taste. Dear lord save me from the man I am supposed to be these chains on my soul won't set me free. I grew up in a world of corruption surrounded by drugs every night there was an eruption but I faced all my problems head on from dusk till dawn for so long My heart was filled to the brim with sorrow slowly decaying waiting on a happier tomorrow. I always say stay strong but these days seem too long you might hear this and say I am wrong but I will change my destiny and not be like the ones before me. Now my heart burns with a strong desire to fly ever higher to be someone who is not mired. So tell me who are you going to be this is your life you make your own destiny.…

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