Diamond And Coal

by Shaista Khadim

I slept like a log
Was tired
Then had a dream
Was surprised.

Diamonds. Everywhere.
Lots of them; as people
Within the diamonds I found
A sad, scared, anxious girl

Insecure, afraid was I
Tired of the scratches and burn
Sat there like a coal within diamonds
Made no move to her, simply turned.

Sighting me, she began walking
I sat there motionless, my breath ceasing
"Hey" she said,
And I tried to speak, my words not leaving.

We talked; and I realized
She's an angel
Sent within coals
She's perfect

But the sad part was
To her, there was no point of her presence
Saw herself worthless
Questioned her existence.

I sat there in awe
Was she modest or stupid?
Didn't see who she was?
I had to do it.

She cried
Told me she didn't know who she was amongst all the diamonds
And my breaths became laboured
And I knew instantly what was to be done.

I hugged her,tightly
And her sobbing grew
She shut her eyes
Letting surroundings cease in her view.

I hugged her in a way
No part of her was visible to this world
And suddenly everything went dark
The diamonds lost their glow.

I whispered into her ears,
"Open your eyes and see"
Still hidden in my arms
She opened her eyes to reality.

Stark darkness. The diamonds still walked.
But with no shine,she was surprised
She looked up at me,I was smiling
And she stared back, confused.

"Where is light?
Why aren't the diamonds shining?
What's happening?"
Her questions were gripping.

I let go of her,
She was visible to the world
And oh, the light
She was almost blinded.

She opened her eyes
The glow was back
Diamonds sparkled
And she stood there like a shack.

"You see who you are?
To this world of fake diamonds?
You're the shine, the glow
Without you, all this would vanish."

My words hit her
Like Cupid's arrow
She stopped crying, truth was unveiled
And she hugged me, a coal and diamond, with the perfect glow.

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