Did I

by Santa Geekie
(Mkuze, south Africa)

When I find my time on earth drawing to an end
And in front of the pearly gates I stand
With the book of life opened wide
Will I be allowed to step inside

Did I give enough to my fellow man in need
Did I give the hungry something good to eat
Were my actions gentle and kind
Or did I go through life blind

Did I catch everything God wanted me to do
Or have I failed Him badly too
I hope I did my Lord's desires
To stay away from hells burning fires

So now bending my knees to pray
That my God, with me will always stay
To bless us from child to old
Even when our bodies are cold

To safeguard our hearts and souls
That the devil cannot grab hold
To shy away from heartache and pain
The Lord alone guards us against, each day.

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