Did you expect me to forgive you , Now?

by BusyBoy47
(north wallhalla)

Long ago , it seems I became a shadowy threat to you..
In your jealosy of my kingdom and flawless loves, you
conspired to wound me like staving grianery rats.

Fat off my wealth and Heroic deeds, you ate away at
my inheritance, bobed your heads away, about my Peculiar
odour, and obnoxius clothe an hair...

Thenn that night came in october when, Convinced i wasn't a Wreck
You , Brother, Drunk and Jealous Agian, you sent a devil
to Ruin me, but something Wen wrong with your remote, plan.

Having lived Centuries long , and much wealthier, haha, than
you and your blatant troupe, i waited for your assasin,
Whilst my, Plump new Bride, wasat the market, sure i was loosing
my mind... and well to due, Throught the Brain I Ran him Through..

My 'best frind' mind you , too never try that agian , or you will
find youself unable to walk on hound mangeld stilt..

As for the other love of mine, you venerated goad, you will
never know the depths of my love for her sweet flowing innocence
and blushing lies, or her deep feeling of me inside...ha ha
engarde and touchette...

So, as I gow old i See who you are, like Janus, to me , and all
other men, You just wanted to tear down My Humongus Tower of
Lusty Faith... as the 'faithfull' do... yes, ruin me and the
cold ivory tower just... slides into the Frothey ocean, of the

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