Die to Forget, Forget to Die

by I'm Fine
(Between Life and Death)

I just want to forget 
Leave this place forever and always
Peace is so hard to get
In my heart forever this knife stays
My soul just wants to leave
This body that cannot stop hurting
I'm trying to believe
There is a way through this suffering
But I cannot see it
It's well hidden behind crimson tears
My mind cannot just fit 
In this world everything calls my fears
Just let me move on now
I can't stay my pain won't fade away
Can't save me don't ask how
My tortured mind begs me not to stay
I'll be gone soon enough 
No one will even care or miss me
The end won't be as tough
My soul from this pain will be set free

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May 19, 2012
by: I'm fine

i am fine actually, i used to feel like that long aggo, but this poem does not really express my feelings but more the way i used to feel, i only write for the beauty of the words and since i like the kind of gothic/bloody atmosphere there was in my other poems, i just continue writting things like that... but thanks anyway ^^

May 16, 2012
Dear "I'm Fine"
by: Eve

It doesn't sound to me like you are "fine". My heart aches for you if this is how you're feeling. Please contact me at evessong@shaw.ca as I would like to perhaps encourage you and help you to feel better.

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