Various Types of Poetry 

Sometimes you feel like sending somebody a special sentiment. Our collection of Different Types of Poems covers many subject areas, so you are sure to find the perfect expression of what you are feeling inside.

Our diverse poems will bring joy to your soul (and theirs); they might make you shed a tear or just spur you to ponder life’s imponderables. 

They say variety is the spice of life. That is why we constantly challenge the writers at My Word Wizard to come up with a diverse selection of works that cater to every taste and occasion. Their words may even inspire you to write some of your own.

We hope you will enjoy our collection of poetry on assorted themes.


You’re like an actor playing the best role.
No one in the world can ever fill that mold.
You’re so special that I call you a star,
Radiating light both near and far.
Being around you makes my life complete.
There’s only one of you;
you’re so special – So unique.

A Friend Like You

While others fell apart,
We’ve stayed together,
Through thick and thin.
We’ve always been cool
Since _______ (insert grade number) grade at school.
Even in class, we would act insane,
Always laughing at the smallest things.
Age hasn’t changed me
Of this I am true.
I’m so grateful to have a friend like you.

I Love You (Youth)

I tried to find ways
To say something to your face,
But I was to shy
And kept getting tongue tied.
Sometimes I just wanted to run and hide;
I could only say those words in my head.
There was no other way.
But now you’re here
And I’m here
So here it is.
All I wanted to say is
I love you.

My Love for You

I can always feel it
At the bottom of my heart.
Bubbling like sweet, hot candy syrup,
It melts all doubt apart.
It’s the warmth that spreads
From my head to my toes
And only grows stronger
When the wind blows.
It’s the love I feel for you
That grows and grows
With each passing day.

Until Then

I would give just about anything
To sit across a table
From your smiling face.
The sight of you,
After all these months,
Would be the grandest meal.
And that’s honestly how I feel.

I’m glad you’re serving your country,
But I look forward to your return date;
It’s highlighted on my calendar.
Still, I can barely wait.
Until then,
Stay safe
And know my love for you
Will never end.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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