Digital Echoes

by Mark Barnes
(Welwyn Garden City, UK)

I tweeted, I posted, I liked and I shared,
but nobody followed, nobody cared.
I uploaded my pains and hoped they’d go viral,
instead I was plummeted down in a spiral.

My digital echoes were buried in bits,
covered by dust of youtube greatest hits.
Life can be funny, when you’re not feeling pain,
Let’s hope we all learn to enjoy life again.

This digital graveyard we’re building so fast,
blink and it’s gone, and what of our past.
What are we leaving our children behind,
#NothingOfSubstance for them to find.

The digital vaults and passwords galore,
Will cease to exist, a bolted cage door.
The treasure within, silenced and sad,
Lost out to a battle with some silly fad.

Our children are drowning in a torrent of stuff,
But we’re hiding importance and feeding them fluff.
They’ll never know patience, or kindness or joy,
While we instantly gratify this internet toy.

My digital essence is fleeting for sure,
I can edit the past, keeping it pure,
No-one will know the journey I took,
It was silently changed in a digital book.

The ether engulfs us, we notice no more,
We buy goods online, so what of the store,
We never meet people, we Skype them online,
We’re happy with this, oh yes, we are fine.

But when we are lonely, or sad, or depressed,
Will kind Mr Zuckerberg help you get dressed,
You gave him your life, your hopes and your dreams,
But he prefers cash, at least that’s how it seems.

So go on and tweet, post, like and share,
I hope you find someone who will really care,
Not for the facade, or what you present,
But for the hidden, secret and deadly torment.

They’ll know you and get you, they’ll pull at your heart,
A life that’s worth living will get a kickstart,
You’ll ditch all the gadgets and gizmos with glee,
And say to yourself – “I’m happy I’m me”.

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