dizzying hullaballoo linkedin Parochialism touting Xmas

by matthew scott harris
(schwenksville, pennsylvania)

take me away from insanity!

take me away from insanity!

breeding frenzied jawboning
nastiness, rock'm sock'm vermin
zealously, dizzying hordes kickstart
outrageous trampling, xMen busting

displays, heralding luminary
pastoral times, Xing Bethlehem
figurine Jesus observes sacrilegious
wackiness anarchy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ah, nothing beats the fistfights,
bloodied noses,
knocked unconscious bruising
bad ass blimp

at absolute gall
bladder kicking, eye poking,
neck choking, up pall
ling, et cetera brutality at this,
that, or s'mother mall

far from madding crowd portentous squall,
but at a safe distance
removed along a deserted hall
witnessing flying sucker-punches,

et cetera all
encompassing pandemonium
solely about one small
pinterest ting live mutant

ninja vudu doll, a mere couple inches tall,
sporting ability to transform
into an antagonistic tournament
cavalier two pronged horn spurning beast,
which former attribute
manufacturer didst install
with constituent parts shipped from Blue Ball

poker red hot furious loosed bull
eyeing a glitter bauble
half cocked pissant, with an alien drawl
dressed in bulletproof coverall

shoving people
just another brick against a wall
angrily erupt volcano like,
provoking lava lee flowing mayhem,
when a security detail
prior to temporary cease fire didst recall

merely axes whatsapp with y'all
thence, bing kicked in groin
and reduced to crawl,
thus in no mood to sing jingall
bells, where stood,

yet another beefy watchman
aghast at squall
lid human wrecking machine
analogously offensive as off fall
spreading riotous wildfire conflagration

analogous to absent referee,
when sure betted best
team mate of foot ball
lost Superbowl game
by a tackle merely postal
stamp size distance to win game,

thus anonymous observer
made an urgent call
to Donald Trump, whose reaction begot
an uncontrollable nuclear fusion reaction

jerryrigged, hair-pulling,
fisticuff dueling brawl,
spreading bedlam, sparking
avast capitalone, groupon,
flickr ring plenti tinder
triggering military police to go awol.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
a quick thinking whippersnapper
holds up a baseball bat
as a make shift microphone,
and with donning a reversed hat
feigns to be an announcer
live from pseudo faux palestra and spat
out nonsensical tit for tat.

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