Do They Hate Me?

by Lauren

They ignore me,
They play games with my mind,
It's their favorite toy.

They leave me out of everything.
Freeze me out,
Same old games again,
Why do I keep expecting them to change?

My depression is my only company,
My only friend in all this mess.
Trying to stay strong,
But I'm failing; miserably.

I want to be me again;
right now I'm just a shell.
I want to be whole again;
I'm missing my soul.

My silence really is just another word for my pain.
Who do you go to when you have no one?
I've never been more alone, it scares me.

I feel alone in a room full of people,
I've been torn apart inside.
I am not whole.
I am weak, and for that; I truly am sorry.

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by: lucy

stupid people they are. good poem twin

I Think
by: Anonymous

i think that its a very well written piece of work and dont be sorry just be you because the people who dont like you for you and not worth the fight people should like you for you and only you so dont be sorry and dont be depressed and smile :) you deserve to be happy
:) i also like the way you say the truth and people who are going through what you are will know what you mean so dont worry it will go away :) :) :)

by: Shaista Khadim

i can totaly relate to ur condition...only someone who has gone through the pain can understand...Your poem reminds me of the four futile painful years of my life in which i felt worse than u do....even then i always prayed for them to realize their mistake and hoping that they would change....But there is something my dear friend,that people like us usually ignore in times of such distress:They hate us because they cannot be what we they are jealous.....I was taught this by a veryy close friend...YES!after years i did find a friend...You too,my friend,look around...Look at the brighter side:Things never go wrong,they just dont turn out the way we want them...Anyways,one last thing:Live and let live..He,sitting up there,is watchin everything..."Worries end where faith begins"have faith in yourself and Him..Wishin u all the best and my prayers are alwayzzzzzzzz with u:) smile plz:)

by: Anonymous

You are are such a wonderful writer. So in touch with your feelings. I am jealous of how well you communicate. Your poem will definitely inspire so many other who feel just like you do right now.

By the way, you mentioned at the end that you are sorry. There is no reason to ever be sorry about your frame of mind. Depression is a medical condition that you deal with as with any medical condition. I mean, you wouldn't apologize to someone for having a broken arm, or allergies, right?

All I can say is that you are an inspiration. Keep up the writing!

Midland, Texas

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