by shani.c.k.
(colombo sri-lanka)

The day that i first saw you,
I never thought i would fall in love with you.
Until you i never knew the meaning or feeling of love.
It's a miracle, to me even when, i found out, that i am truly & deeply in love with you.
Cause i never believed in love.
You are such a adorable person,i know if i met you in another place,i would never ever think about you as such, cause you are so simple & not my dream guy!
But god i don't no why? you only captured my heart.
I don't no how to express my feelings to you.
But i know you have some feelings for me,
But my love i can't read your mind.
you've got to make the first step, cause i don't have much time.
Please, just give me a chance to say, that i love you.
some times i wonder, whether you know how i feel about you.
If so, please forgive me.
Cause i don't no how to reach you.
All i know is that i cant live without you.
My love,
Do you know how much i love you?

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