Do you want to live forever?

by Zenn

He stands behind me, I feel his body pressed up against mine, feeling his breath on my neck. I hear his voice whisper in my ear. "Do you want to live for forever, my love? I turn around to face him, I look him in the eyes, oh his eyes, so brilliantly blue, I answer, "Yes". He tells me, "Never will your life be the same, you will live in the darkness of the night, you will love me forever, I will be your Master, you will be my slave, this shall be the your fate. He asked me again, "Do you still wish to live forever? I answer him, looking into his eyes;" Yes."

His arms holding me, strong, but gently, I feel his lips gently kissing my neck, oh god, I feel the chills running down my spine, I throw my head back to let him enjoy more of my skin, my neck, my breasts, giving my body to him. His kisses gently moving down my body, oh I want him. He moves back up to my neck, his tongue dancing on my skin, I feel the coolness of his breath, he whispers in my ear, "forever love." I feel the sharp sting of his teeth, ripping into my flesh, my body aching in pain, I feel my blood trickling down my throat, down my breast.

I struggle to be released from his grip, but I can not. I hear him speaking in my mind "do not be scared my love, remember you will live forever, fear not death. " The room is spinning, the coldness of the night's air against my skin, I feel him, I fear him, I love him, god I feel his heart beat. Where is mine? I "scream in terror" , but no words come from my mouth, I am frightened, my heart beat, is growing dimmer, slower, quieter, I open my eyes I see nothing but darkness. I feel him releasing his teeth from my neck. I am numb, cold, limp, like a rag doll in his arms, "Oh god" I cry in my mind, what have I done?

I have met the devil in the full moon's light, "what have I done?" , and I hear him whisper to me, " No, not the devil, my love, not the devil, just your Master.

He pulls me close to his chest, his skin is so warm against the coolness of my body, I feel the wetness of something on my lips, it is warm, rich, thick, I hear him say, "drink, my love", and I sucked the fluid greedily, and I start to "hear" the sound of my heartbeat again, growing faster, stronger, I open my eyes; and I see I am sucking on a cut on his chest, drinking his blood, I look up at him and he smiles at me. Enough he says for now and pushes me away from him, oh god I ache for more, and gazing up into his eyes pleading.

"No" he says, there will be more later, be patient my little one. He cradles the back of my head, and gently gives me a kiss, I taste "our" blood on my lips. I look around in the Darkness, and everything is glowing, wondrous, I can feel, hear everything around me, for I am mesmerized by my surroundings, and yet feeling so weak. He gently lifts me to the couch, and lays me down, and he smiles at me, and he whispers, "rest now love, for now you have eternal life, and you will be forever be mine."

1996 ©

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