by Sender UpWords

They’re falling,
Without any assistance from the west,
The Arab world,
Building upon fermenting dissent,
Is now standing up,
As we have told them to,
To demand the freedoms and governments that they seek,
And like a Machiavellian ostrich the west is putting its head,
Not only in the sand,
But up its ass.

All following the other,
Demanding to be heard,
And the west has become deaf,
When it most needs to hear.

The struggle for freedom,
Is one we know well,
Documented since time immemorial,
Demands for equality, opportunity, justice and freedom,
That we now, in a profound moment of need,
In an area more deadly than an atomic powder keg,
And what do we do,
Stand by,

What are we waiting for?

The people are not speaking,
They are screaming,
Using social networks,
Amassing in the streets,
And we are doing nothing.

They’re falling,
And we are standing by,
Ridiculously impotent,
When they need our solidarity,
More than ever,
They are crying for it,
Screaming for it,
Marching for it,
And we are deaf.

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