Don't Give Up Dad

by Tracey Bellamy

Time is running out I feel
Life is oh so sad
No sparkle in your sad eyes
Please don't give up dad

When you wake in the morning
And lie there in your bed
It must dawn on you
Another lonely day ahead

Your love companion and soul mate
Will be on your mind
And you'll be mulling over
Why she left you behind

The reason no one will ever know
For mum she had no say
What happened to her back in March
To make her slip away

I'm sure if you could speak to her
She'd make you understand
That although you cannot see her
She's always close at hand

Mum didn't mean to hurt you
She loved you with all her heart
She will be waiting for you
So don't tear us apart

Dad we know you're pining
And want to be with mum I bet
But please give us a bit more time
Your life's not over yet

Don't want you as a memory
And talk about my loss
Couldn't bear to see your name
Etched upon a cross

You are such a pleasure
You've got so much to give
So pick your self up
I beg you dad to live

We love you more than life itself
So I set this simple task
You might think I'm being selfish
Please stay is all I ask.

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