Don't Give Up

by Petra Jones

If you are yet to realise your dreams
Don’t give up despite how hard it seems
If you lack ambition all through your teens
Work hard, ask for help, no matter what it means

Don’t give up saying Please and Thanks
And being honest with others is better than pranks
Control your temper and avoid the cranks
Others will respect you and hold you in high ranks

Don’t give up making new promises as deals
Maintaining your honour is as good as it feels
If you should get hurt, remember it heals
It’s important to try again and experience new thrills

Don’t give up being honest and not lying
Cheats and liars end up alone and crying
Stay true to the end and you’ll see yourself flying
Friends & family will stick by you sad, sick or dying!

Don’t give up on uni and school
Holding a degree means you’re seen as no fool
Even if your friends consider it uncool
In later life it will provide every tool

Don’t give up on any one friend
Share your feelings and learn to bend
Listen to them and read the messages they send
Being there for them is what counts in the end

Don’t give up listening to advice
Analysing and processing will not suffice
Be considerate, thoughtful and above all, nice
Then others will listen to you at any price

Don’t give up on any of your family
Listen and take in all of their advice gracefully
Always love them and help them happily
And you’ll experience all their love faithfully

And when you and your partner have a fight
Compromise to stay united before the end of light
And if any of your children want to take flight
Give them this poem and wish them a good night.

by anon.

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