Don't Miss The Boat

by Nancy Espe
(Leavenworth, KS. USA)

Human beings were very wicked in Noah's day
Noah found grace with God because he wasn't that way
God said that violence and wickedness corrupted the land
It repented God and grieved Him that He ever made man

God told Noah to make an Ark according to His plan
Noah worked with his sons Shem, Japheth and Ham
Noah warned the people to turn from their wicked ways
They laughed and ridiculed him all his ark building days

The day finally came when the work was all through
God called the animals male and female two by two
Seven of the clean and one of the unclean did arrive
After their kind, cattle, fowls, creeping things all to survive

Food and water for the journey was provided for the horde
Noah, his sons and their wives joined the animals on board
After all were inside and they could do no more
God shut the door and caused the rain to pour.

Outside the people were horrified to see the Ark afloat
Forewarned to repent and now they “missed the boat”
The water rose covering mountain peaks and land
Nothing was left alive neither animals or man!

Human beings are very wicked in this present day
God has provided another Ark to show us all the way.
He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die on Calvary
To rescue us from all our sins and set the captive free.

God's grace like “that water” covers the Earth
He wants you to live and give you new birth.
Learn from Noah's day and don't be left outside afloat.
Repent and believe and you won't “miss the boat!”.

By Nancy J Espe 2/17/2012

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May 11, 2012
good explanation
by: Anonymous

Check out, there were pairs of the animals for s
seed, other then those by sevens. poem is presented well.

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