by Helena Draven
(W-S, NC)

all i need is a downer ill be fine

just fine just peachy f-ck-ng keen

itll stop the horrors in my head

itll let me get some sleep

if i can sleep ill be fine

all i need is some time

just a little while without me

without me inside my head

just one pill

jut a little taste of normal

its all i need to feel better

just one little blue pill

or orange

or red

or pink

just one and ill be fine

ill go to sleep later

ill dream happy dreams

there wont be a thousand things

all running around in my brain

i think there's a race to see

to see what drives me insane first

all i need is a pill

or two

maybe three or four

and ill be fine

inside here is chaos

out there is bliss

i know it i can feel it

if i can just get one downer

ill be just fine

all i need is something

something to take the edge off

just to take off the edge

and ill be fine

just fine

just peachy f-ck-ng keen

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