Dream of Calvary

by © April 25, 2010 Richard Harris
(Jacksonville, FL, USA)

Last night as I lay sleeping a dream I had still remains with me.

I found myself alone on barren ground climbing Mount Calvary.

As I reached the summit, I saw three crosses all were bare.

I found myself on my knees with palms on blood soaked ground there.

Then a voice, a vision of the man who died on that center cross

Came to me with voice so sweet saying, "Cry not for me but for the world's loss."

Somehow I found the strength to ask what loss he spoke of and its costs.

He gently replied, "Though born of virgin woman, I am the seed of God's host."

Struggling again, I asked even more, "If this be true how could others do this to you?"

His heartfelt answer I will not forget, "I would not have it so but to my Father's will I was true."

I cried aloud, "What kind of Father could require His Son die a death so cruel?"

My Savior then answered, "The same that asked you give your will to him too."

As my dream faded and I slowly wakened to greet the new day

I wondered if it had been a dream or did I just see my savior's face?

He was neither ugly nor a handsome man, simply another like that of any race.

I know I will not soon forget this dream or vision as I go about my daily pace.

It has been this that changed my life more than any other thing

For now I find my self trying to help others when I can share something.

A simple smile, handshake, hug, warm shower, or hot meal if that is all I have.

For God so loved the world, that's you and me, His only begotten Son He gave.

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