by Yard Arm

Another day passes with dreams of you.
My arms are empty and my lips are dry.
Thoughts of you are lavish all through the day.

As the night takes over
My eyes begin to falter
I lay in bed
In the silence of darkness
I close my eyes
Still my mind

The dark silence was broken
Arousing in bed
Her delicate scent fills the room
I heard the loving voice
I yearn for daily
“Everything will be alright”

My body soars, anxious to embrace
My hands and arms rise
Startled with warmth and revelation
I race to caress the voice and person
I long for each day

From behind the darkness
I hear “I Love You”
I reach again and I hear
“I'm OK, see you soon”
I stand there with tears

My thoughts set in motion
I stand ridged and fast
Hands on my face
Arms empty again
Body throbbing with discontent

Jostling the dark emptiness
I return to bed, alone
Tasting my tears
Feeling the unfulfilled desire
I open my eyes and sit up in bed

In a fading voice “Later”
She was here
In my dreams
I miss my LOVE oh so dear …

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