Dreams of Children

by Sandra Sutherland
(Radcliff, KY )

The dreams of children are special
They are happy or they are sad
The dreams of Little children
Are what we wish we still had

A child believes in the Tooth Fairy
He believes in the Sand Man
She believes in the Easter Bunny
But they also may believe in the Boogeyman Man

The Boogeyman Man brings them nightmares
Yet the children are not afraid
They especially believe in Santa Claus
For good things, they've always prayed

The dreams of Little children
Bring this great world new hope
They give us the wishes for a new day
They help us not to mope

Our dreams of us as children
Are what we need to keep in our hearts
The good and bad things of the world are real
But we need to keep them apart

With the dreams of Little children
They never understand why wars are fought
They never know of hunger or pain
Or why bigotry is taught

The magnificent dreams of children
Wipe away the tears of fear
It would give the world better times
And never let despair come near

The world isn't at all like a dream
But wouldn't it be great if it was
We have to work hard to do it
That should be our number one cause

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